My name is Jane and I am a spiritual director. I graduated from the Encounter Course at the London Centre for Spiritual Direction in 2021. I am also a Unitarian minister, having trained with Unitarian College. Unitarianism is a free and progressive religious faith tradition rooted in Christianity and open to insight from a wide range of sources – including the wisdom of the world’s religions, poetry and literature, philosophy and science – all considered in the light of reason and experience. We may use a wide variety of language to explore and express the life of the spirit; I am at ease with God-language, but may equally speak of Spirit, or Love, as we grapple with ultimate things. I feel at home with people – of all faiths and none – who seek life’s depths, who wrestle with questions of meaning and purpose, and who yearn for truth, and justice, and liberation for all.

Spiritual Direction: The role of the spiritual director is to listen carefully to your unfolding life story, paying close attention to the movements of the Spirit, and helping you to discern where God – or Love – might be leading you. All aspects of our everyday lives, no matter how mixed-up, messy and complicated they might be, are entwined with our search for greater meaning and purpose, and therefore worth considering through a spiritual lens. All of our day-to-day experience can provide rich material to explore and reflect on, whether it seems silly or serious, delightful or disheartening, mundane or mystical. The director is there to support the directee in the flourishing of their spiritual life, the awakening of their capacity to love, and the deepening of their relationship with God. Yet spiritual direction is not purely inward-looking; the director will also encourage the directee to take seriously the implications for their life choices, large and small, and their ethical responsibilities to others.

All Are Welcome: I offer a particular welcome to those spiritual seekers who might feel unsure or hesitant about entering into spiritual direction – perhaps because they are not currently connected to any particular religious community or tradition; perhaps because they are on the fringes of Christianity or otherwise feel they are a religious ‘outsider’; perhaps because they have been hurt or excluded by religious institutions in the past on the grounds of gender, sexuality, or relationship status, or for honestly expressing their struggles, questions, or doubts in relation to faith. I believe it is essential that we feel free to bring our whole selves to spiritual direction, and speak authentically about our experiences as we reflect on life’s journey, and I offer a sincere welcome to directees across the spectrum of gender, sexuality, and relationship diversity.

My Availability: I currently (as of spring 2022) have some limited availability to see new people for spiritual direction. I would hope to see directees for an hour-long session (online, via Zoom) every 4 weeks or so, with a review after 6 months, and the option to continue beyond this by mutual agreement. I have a sliding scale of fees: £20 / £40 / £60 per session (I will leave it at the discretion of each person to pay what seems a fair and affordable rate to them). If money is an issue please do not let this stop you from getting in touch as I would not wish this to be an obstacle to anyone wishing to access spiritual direction. Prospective directees would need to go through a preliminary assessment process with me to make sure that we are a good match. If this is something you might be interested in I would be happy to have an initial exploratory conversation via Zoom. I am based in London; however, all sessions will be online for the foreseeable future so location is not necessarily a barrier. Please get in touch if you would like to explore the possibility of spiritual direction with me: